Wedding Photography Bradford – Amna & Ibrar – Lala’s Bradford

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It’s all about the pictures” said Amna when we met for a consultation for her wedding photography Bradford. And it really was, Amna was a natural in front of the camera, in fact we had to ask her to hold the poses for awhile or risk being late for her big day!
We joined Amna at her home for her preparation shots. She wore a stunning white, strapless wedding dress with beautiful jewelry, along side an elegant lacy umbrella. Amna was one of the most bubbliest brides we have worked with, full of laughter and exuberance. Her Asian Wedding in Bradford was a small and intimate event. The Nikkah took place shortly after they arrived at the venue, Lala’s Restaurant, Bradford. The day continued as the couple spent time with the guests, celebrating their special day with their nearest and dearest.

It wasn’t hard to convince Amna and Ibrar to break away for couple shots at the nearby Horton Park, surrounded by beautiful light on crisp winter’s day.

We had great fun shooting this wedding photography Bradford and below is a selection of our favorite images.


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ShahidPhotography-40ShahidPhotography-60 ShahidPhotography-46 ShahidPhotography-Amna-dyptich ShahidPhotography-58ShahidPhotography-74 ShahidPhotography-77ShahidPhotography-68 ShahidPhotography-82 ShahidPhotography-160 ShahidPhotography-86
ShahidPhotography-90 ShahidPhotography-92 ShahidPhotography-185 ShahidPhotography-197 ShahidPhotography-216ShahidPhotography-226ShahidPhotography-251ShahidPhotography-328ShahidPhotography-331ShahidPhotography-341ShahidPhotography-360ShahidPhotography-390 ShahidPhotography-278 ShahidPhotography-378 ShahidPhotography-384 ShahidPhotography-425 ShahidPhotography-435 ShahidPhotography-441 ShahidPhotography-450 ShahidPhotography-448 ShahidPhotography-148 ShahidPhotography-522 ShahidPhotography-525 ShahidPhotography-582 ShahidPhotography-588 ShahidPhotography-589 ShahidPhotography-598 ShahidPhotography-605 ShahidPhotography-606 ShahidPhotography-614 ShahidPhotography-621 ShahidPhotography-622 ShahidPhotography-625 ShahidPhotography-626

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