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After covering  Aleem and Shumaila’s wedding in Cardiff, we were quickly booked by Khuram for his Muslim Wedding Photography at The Vale Resort Cardiff. The Vale Resort, Cardiff proved to be a beautiful setting for this sumptuous Muslim Wedding.

We met Khuram and his beautiful bride Abeer at their Hotel room for some preparation shots. Their room with a balcony was overlooking the stunning grounds and amazing golf course. Khuram and Abeer were well co-ordinated with their matching turquoise green. We also had the pleasure to shoot what can only be described as a Rock, courtesy of De Beers. Bling bling!

Having already tied the knot in Karachi, Pakistan; the day was a chance to celebrate the union of two families and to have fun! Khuram’s friends had everyone in stitches with old stories of his most embarrassing moments; whilst a dance off between the boys and girls provided much entertainment. Special shout out to SP Entertainment for keeping the crowd going all night with awesome tunes.

This was then followed by a lavish dessert buffet with more options than even my sweet tooth could handle :p

We wish Khuram and Abeer all the best in their new lives together. Below are our favorite images from the day…

Wedding Planning/Catering:

DJ: / 07854420698

Venue: The Vale Resort Cardiff

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