Midlands Hotel Bradford Asian Wedding Photography – Sophie and Jamil

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The Midlands Hotel Bradford was the venue for Sophie and Jamil’s Asian Wedding Photography in Bradford. We’ve been meaning to blog this wedding for a while but only just got round to it after a hectic schedule. You may remember Sophie and Jamil from their pre-wedding shoot in Leeds City Centre we shot earlier in the year.

What an amazing Asian Wedding this was! The family had been so welcoming to us on our previous visits and we were really looking forward to returning. The house had been beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and lots of small creative details that had been put together by Sophie’s mum. It all looked beautiful and made it even more fun to shoot their wedding. Sophie was a very organised bride, she wanted perfection for her big day. She had a clear vision in her mind and it was magical seeing how this played out in reality.

As we arrived at her house, Sophie was getting her make up done by the amazing Shafika, at this point Faisal and I split up so he could capture Jamil’s getting ready shots. Having had a pre-wedding shoot helped relax both Sophie and Jamil’s nerves, making them feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera.

As the day proceeded, the Bride and Groom both made their separate ways to the venue. Sophie’s family eagerly waited for Jamil and the Baraat to make their entrance where they had lots of fun and games planned. Poor Jamil, we should have given him the heads up on strapping his shoes on tight, he had to pay twice for those pair of shoes. 😛

After the Nikkah had taken place, Sophie made her entrance to the stunning Princess Ball Room, which was followed by a speech given by her father. The Ball Room was filled with lots of laughter, shared memories and some happy tears. As the guests sat down to eat, we took Sophie and Jamil away for some couple shots and to make use of some of the amazing features The Midlands Hotel  has to offer as a Wedding Venue. We loved the French Ballroom, the elegant chandeliers and the grand staircase.

Sophie and Jamil were an adorable couple to work with. Faisal and I fell in love with not just them but their families too. Some of our favourite images are below:

Videography: Mulhern Media

Makeup: Shafika

Cake: Zarina’s House of Cakes

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ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-26ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-27-dypShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-29 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-50 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-51 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-33 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-35 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-36 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-43-dypcopy ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-37 copy 2 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-44 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-45 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-60 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-61 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-52 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-55-dypcopy 2ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-64-dyp ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-65 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-70 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-71ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-67-dypcopy ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-81 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-89ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-86 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-87 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-91 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-93 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-108 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-107 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-76ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-109-dyp ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-112 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-97 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-98 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-102ShahidPhotography_Baraat-658 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-103 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-104 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-105 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-106 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-114 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-116 ShahidPhotography_SJ-121 ShahidPhotography_SJ_Baraat-120

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