Craiglands Hotel Wedding Photography – Wahid and Nuri

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Meet Wahid and Nuri for their Asian Wedding Photography at Craiglands Hotel, Ilkely last Summer. We’d met the couple for a pre-wedding consultation and we discussed how they like the images to look natural and how they liked our documentary style approach to Asian Wedding Photography.

We started the day early capturing the getting ready shots at the hotel. This is our favorite part of the day… we love capturing the details! As you can tell the whole day was full of beautiful wedding details from the jewelry, to the dessert table and the wonderfully regal decor.

Not letting a beautiful Summers day go to waste we took the opportunity to take the couple outdoors for a shoot. The Craigland’s Hotel made for a perfect backdrop with it’s scenic landscaped gardens.

We had great fun shooting this wedding and wish the couple a happy married life together.

Here are a selection of our favourite images from the Wedding:

Videography: Unique Films

Jewelry: Kyles Collection

Makeup: Sharoon Rehman

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